Pamela Jackson

Pamela Jackson is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO Advanced Practitioner & EMO Practitioner in Carrollton, Texas, United States & Irving, TX, United States
Pamela Jackson


Hi, my name is Mystic Pam Jackson and I am a natural healer, empath and intuitive. I am an entrepreneur and I own a spiritual healing and learning center in the Dallas area. I help people find their peace and their purpose by clearing limiting beliefs, patterns and programs that are creating a negative effect in their lives.

Intuitively I remote view your physical body and locate negative feelings and emotions that you maybe holding within and once found a releasing and resolve begins to happend to that aspect of your topic, life. 

This gift I have used it in EFT, the tapping technique to totally change my life! If you would like a tapping session to clear up emotional distress, physical and emotional pain and clearing up stuck energy I am available to work with you in a skype session. 

Pamela Jackson, EFT Master Practitioner. 



Thetahealing® Instructor and Practitioner 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018

Access® Counsciousness Bars® Facilitatior, Practitoner 2017, 2018

Akashic Records Advanced Reader, Center of Akashic Studies 2014

Professional Life Coach, Fowler Wainwright International 2011

Law of Attraction Advanced Coach, Global Sciences Foundation 2012

Spirit Guide Coach, Delegate of the Light 2012, 2013

Usui Reiki Master 2011

Usui Teate Reiki Master 2012

Hypnosis Training, Dallas Hypnosis Center 2000

EFT Practitioner 2000, Institute of Awakening 2011

EFT Master Practitioner, GOE 2012

EFT Positive, GOE 2013

EFT Instructor, GOE 2013-2016



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